Plant Breeding: Classical to Modern (Hardcover)

Plant Breeding: Classical to Modern By P. M. Priyadarshan Cover Image

Plant Breeding: Classical to Modern (Hardcover)


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This book offers a detailed overview of both conventional and modern approaches to plant breeding. In 25 chapters, it explores various aspects of conventional and modern means of plant breeding, including: history, objective, activities, centres of origin, plant introduction, reproduction, incompatibility, sterility, biometrics, selection, hybridization, methods of breeding both self- and cross- pollinated crops, heterosis, synthetic varieties, induced mutations and polyploidy, distant hybridization, quality breeding, ideotype breeding, resistance breeding, breeding for stress resistance, G x E interactions, tissue culture, genetic engineering, molecular breeding, genomics, gene action and varietal release.

The book's content addresses the needs of students worldwide. Modern methods like molecular breeding and genomics are dealt with extensively so as to provide a firm foundation and equip readers to read further advanced books.

Each chapter discusses the respective subject as comprehensively as possible, and includes a section on further reading at the end. Info-boxes highlight the latest advances, and care has been taken to include nearly all topics required under the curricula of MS programs. As such, the book provides a much-needed reference guide for MS students around the globe.

Dr Priyadarshan is a prominent Hevea rubber breeder. He began his research career by breeding triticale and wheat. During the 1980s he focused on the in vitro culture of spices. He joined the Rubber Research Institute of India (Rubber Board, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India) as a Plant Breeder in 1990 and specialized in breeding Hevea rubber for sub-optimal environments. In 2009, he became the Institute's Deputy Director, and managed its Central Experiment Station until 2016. As a scientist, he has been involved in breeding cereals, spices and Hevea rubber for the past 32 years. During that time, he has published several research papers and chapters in journals and books of international repute. He has authored articles for several important journals, e.g. Advances in Agronomy, Advances in Genetics, and Plant Breeding Reviews, and has edited books on Breeding Plantation Tree Crops, Breeding Major Food Staples, and the Genomics of Tree Crops, as well as a book on the biology of Hevea rubber.

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Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: November 20th, 2019
Pages: 570
Language: English