City of Blows (Hardcover)

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City of Blows (Hardcover)


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"A travelogue of purgatory. Brutal, but minutely rendered--a chronicle of small betrayals and vicissitudes in a ruthless world. Losers, hustlers and delusional artists, all trapped in their pretense and hollow lives; making deals with the devil at the crossroads of Tinseltown." --Guillermo del Toro

Tim Blake Nelson's debut novel is an epic group portrait of four men grappling for control of a script in a radically changing Hollywood, or the City of Blows.

It's early 2020, and legendary producer Jacob Rosenthal is eager to make his next film, Coal, adapted from the bestselling novel by the celebrated writer Rex Patterson. The project--which takes on the controversial topic of race in America--is Jacob's envisioned magnum opus, and likely his swan song. He selects David Levit to direct, a major opportunity for the classically trained actor/director whose own films, while garnering critical acclaim, have not resulted in box office success.

But the announcement of David's hiring doesn't sit well with a producer from David's past, Brad Shlansky, who channels the last remaining vestiges of his creativity into a revenge plot that could very well scupper the making of Coal, and ruin the lives of its producer and director in the process.

A sprawling, character-driven depiction of the modern film industry, City of Blows reaches back decades to the formative experiences of each of the novel's central figures to explore what first motivated them to become involved in the quixotic and often venal world of movie-making. Driven by their diverse backgrounds, each must navigate the same huckstering circus that puts films on screen.

From the start, Tim Blake Nelson's sharp and unsparing voice holds a mirror up to America itself, using Hollywood to investigate the cultural and economic fault lines that have come to dominate and confound us all. You will find yourself unable to turn away from the ruthlessness and despair, the hubris and sheer evil, as City of Blows accelerates to its unimaginable yet inevitable crescendo.

Tim Blake Nelson is an actor, filmmaker and playwright. He has appeared in over eighty feature films, working with directors that include the Coen brothers, Steven Spielberg, Terrence Malick, Ang Lee, Guillermo Del Toro, Tommy Lee Jones, Steven Soderbergh, and Nora Ephron. He has directed five films, four of which he wrote, all of which were released theatrically in the United States and internationally, garnering myriad awards. He has written and published three plays, each produced off Broadway in New York, most recently Socrates, which enjoyed a sold-out run through three extensions at the Public Theater in the spring of 2019.
Product Details ISBN: 9781951213657
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Publisher: Unnamed Press
Publication Date: February 7th, 2023
Pages: 456
Language: English