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Buddy the Bucket Filler: Daily Choices For Happiness

Buddy the Bucket Filler: Daily Choices For Happiness

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Publication Date: August 1st, 2023
Cardinal Rule Press
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Buddy, a boy who lives in the city, can’ t wait to visit his Uncle Frank, who lives in the countryside. Chicken coop and farm animals… there’ s never a dull moment when hanging out on a farm. When Buddy’ s dad drops him off at Uncle Frank’ s, he gives Buddy his allowance. Buddy can spend the money on anything he wants! This will be the best week ever! How will Buddy choose to spend his allowance? Find out through this heartfelt story that illustrates the concept of bucket filling (co authored by Carol McCloud, the author of the Bucket Filler series of books) – acts of kindness that increases happiness for all.

About the Author

Julia Seal knew from the age of five what she wanted to do for a living—draw pictures! After graduating with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration and then working in the greeting card industry (and getting covered in glitter every day!) she finally moved onto her dream job—illustrating children’s books. She lives in a small village in England with her husband and two children—who provide plenty of inspiration. Carol McCloud began the series of Bucket Books with the ever-popular Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids in 2006. Her books have sold over three million copies and have been translated into more than a dozen languages. A champion for bucket filling, Carol strives to help people of all ages lead happier lives by growing in kindness, self-management, resilience, and compassion. She lives in Venice, Florida, with her husband, Jack. For information on books and sessions, visit Maria Dismondy is the founder of Cardinal Rule Press. Before devoting her work to the publishing industry and children’s mental health, Maria was a teacher. She finds inspiration for her work in her daily life and strives to make a difference in the lives of children in her work around social emotional learning. Maria can be found walking her dogs and on adventures with her husband and three children in Southeast Michigan. Find out more at