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Time & Place: The Art of Calendars and Almanacs

Time & Place: The Art of Calendars and Almanacs

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Publication Date: November 17th, 2020
Little Toller Books
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As calendars and almanacs developed, art from their specific time and place was naturally introduced. In this new book, the acclaimed author Alexandra Harris has gathered together some of the work that has gone into almanacs, from the eigth century onwards, bringing in everything from Benedictine calendars to Old Moore's Almanack. Harris shows, through her accompanying text, that each calendar drew on the traditions relating to each month, and that, despite variation in style, calendars and almanacs are held together by a common will to pin down that most elusive subject: time itself.

About the Author

Alexandra Harris is a renowned and prize-winning writer, critic and cultural historian. Her books include Romantic Moderns, Weatherland, Modernism on Sea and Virginia Woolf.