Within the Folds of a Swan's Wing (Paperback)

Within the Folds of a Swan's Wing By Walker Jennifer Cover Image

Within the Folds of a Swan's Wing (Paperback)


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What if the one element that has always defined you as a geeky outcast has the potential to catapult you into being the next big thing?

A Black girl adopted into a White family, Jodie has always felt out of place, especially at her mainly middle-class, white high school. Used to being a ghost in the halls, she has always found solace alone in her room surrounded by a world of Stephen King novels, Oreo cookies, Dave Brubeck jazz riffs and origami. Forever classified as a geeky outcast, she finally finds two unlikely friends who share her interests and accept her as she is-Bethany, the visually-impaired new girl, who has autism, and Jared, the home-schooled, self-proclaimed nerdy frozen-yogurt clerk who she's crushing on big-time.

But when the origami tutorial videos she creates go viral and have the potential to thrust her into the center of popularity, fortune and fame, Jodie is faced with a decision. She needs to choose whether to expose her identity and capitalize on the chance of being accepted by all those who have always shunned her or run the risk of jeopardizing the only real friendship and true relationship she's ever had.

Product Details ISBN: 9781839439292
ISBN-10: 1839439297
Publisher: Finch Books
Publication Date: November 24th, 2020
Pages: 216
Language: English