Womanhood: The Bare Reality (Paperback)

Womanhood: The Bare Reality By Laura Dodsworth Cover Image

Womanhood: The Bare Reality (Paperback)


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100 women bare all in an empowering collection of photographs and interviews about Womanhood.

Vagina, vulva, lady garden, pussy, beaver, cunt, fanny... whatever you call it most women have no idea what's 'down there'. Culturally and personally, no body part inspires love and hate, fear and lust, worship and desecration in the same way.

From smooth Barbie dolls to internet porn, girls and women grow up with a very narrow view of what they should look like, even though in reality there is an enormous range. Womanhood departs from the 'ideal vagina' and presents the gentle un-airbrushed truth, allowing us to understand and celebrate our diversity.

For the first time, 100 brave and beautiful women reveal their bodies and stories on their own terms, talking about how they feel about pleasure, sex, pain, trauma, birth, motherhood, menstruation, menopause, gender, sexuality and simply being a woman.
Laura Dodsworth is a photographer who specialises in projects that explore people: our loves, our lives and our place in the world. Bare Reality was funded on Kickstarter, the online platform for creative projects, in just one day. An exclusive extract from Manhood: The Bare Reality was one of the top ten most-read articles on the Guardian website in 2017, with over 2 million readers. For more information about her work visit barereality.net @BareReality facebook.com/BareReality
Product Details ISBN: 9781780664651
ISBN-10: 1780664656
Publisher: Pinter & Martin Ltd
Publication Date: February 21st, 2019
Pages: 336
Language: English