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The Greatest: My Own Story

The Greatest: My Own Story

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Publication Date: November 17th, 2015
Graymalkin Media
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Everybody knows the record the stuff of almanacs, trade magazines and clipping services. A handful know the man. But only Muhammad Ali knows his life as he lived it.
The Greatest is Ali's own story. For six years he worked, traveled and talked with Richard Durham, a writer with a stunning talent, and the result is mesmerizing in its brilliance, drama, humanity and sheer entertainment.
This is no documented scrapbook of wins and losses strung together with anecdotes; nor is it a thin potpourri of locker room gags. This book, like Ali who has incited every reaction except indifference goes straight to the place where responses to him have always been the gut.
When the history of the twentieth century is finally recorded, it must include Muhammad Ali. He is "The Greatest.