Making Faces: A First Book of Emotions (Board book)

Making Faces: A First Book of Emotions By Abrams Appleseed Cover Image

Making Faces: A First Book of Emotions (Board book)


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An interactive photographic board book about emotions from the creators of Baby Loves and Baby Up, Baby Down

This bold, beautiful board book introduces five essential expressions: happy, sad, angry, surprised, and silly. Each expression is introduced with a large image of a baby’s face. Readers are asked to mimic the face, then pick it out from a group of other babies. The very last spread includes all of the expressions from the previous pages, and a mirror so readers can watch themselves make any face they please!
Abrams Appleseed
Product Details ISBN: 9781419723834
ISBN-10: 1419723839
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Publication Date: May 30th, 2017
Pages: 14
Language: English
"White backgrounds provide maximum contrast for the photos, which readily telegraph each emotion, and an embedded mirror lets children see their own happy, silly, and other emotive expressions."—Publishers Weekly

"The design of the book encourages a dialogue between caregiver and child as young readers indicate their guesses and learn to distinguish among different facial expressions."—Kirkus