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The Witch Compass: Working with the Winds in Traditional Witchcraft

The Witch Compass: Working with the Winds in Traditional Witchcraft

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Publication Date: August 8th, 2022
Llewellyn Publications
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Experience the Witch Compass: Your Vehicle, Map, and Destination

Explore the compass of the eight winds, a magical circle at the heart of Traditional Witchcraft. More than a tool for protection or raising power, this framework provides the ritual means to traverse the worlds and a mythic landscape that can be accessed at any point in time and space. Traditional Witch Ian Chambers teaches how the Witch Compass represents an entire worldview, a cosmological map, and a method for magic and revelation. He helps you develop your own compass and use it for divination, spirit work, and practical sorcery. This book shows you the world through the lens of your Witch Compass and reveals the many realms and spirits available to you.

About the Author

Ian Chambers is a long-time practitioner of modern Traditional Witchcraft and folk sorcery. Ian has received inductions in several Traditional Craft sodalities and maintains working relations through the Ced and Y Plant Brân lines of witchcraft. A selection of Ian's writings has appeared in various magazines, including The Cauldron, White Dragon, and The Hedgewytch, and current works may be found at By The Pale Moonlight at Patheos Pagan.Griffin Ced has an extensive background in both the Occult and theatrical arts. His dramaturgy background comes from both theatre and film, where he has worked on thirty-three films and a large number of stage productions. Griffin also has several works on the tarot and Gnostic British Traditional Witchcraft.