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Energy Science: Principles, Technologies, and Impacts

Energy Science: Principles, Technologies, and Impacts

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Publication Date: February 19th, 2022
Oxford University Press, USA
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Energy Science successfully integrate social, economic and environmental considerations with an accessible, quantitative approach to energy science.

This text introduces the latest energy technologies, explaining the physical principles underlying technology and discussing their environmental, economic, and social impacts. With a focus on the transition from fossil fuels to low-carbon sources of energy, the text enables students to evaluate the key sources of energy available, and introduces potential solutions to the energy problems facing us today.

A core text in the field, Energy Science is full of topical case studies and examples using current data to highlight the practical application of relevant theory. Discussion questions throughout the text encourage the development of deep critical thinking skills, ensuring that students are properly equipped to approach the energy challenges that lie ahead.

About the Author

John Andrews is Visiting Fellow at the University of Bristol. Nick Jelley is Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford.